Wembley 2012

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Love this pic obtained from someone off twitter. Unfortunately I don’t recall from whom.


A Time for Justice!!

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In memory of Kevin Daniel Williams, aged 15.

I’ve been thinking hard about whether to put my thoughts and experiences down about April 15th 1989! Having decided to do so please see this as done so in memory of all those who lost their lives and those who still, to this date, are still suffering and fighting for justice.

April 15th 1989 will be a date etched in all Liverpool fans, players and anyone associated with the clubs memories. In fact a date etched in all football fans, not least those of Everton fans memories. It was a date this city demonstrated the true spirit of coming together.

1988/1989 aged 15, was the year that I really started going to the game alone. Never being from a footballing family, yes there were alligances, but not true followers.

Many a game I was stood on the Kop enjoying great football and fantastic atmospheres.

I tried hard to get a ticket for the match but was unable to do so.

I spent the morning of the match in Southport. Desperate not to miss the game I got the bus home with a mate. Listening to the radio whilst still on the bus we started to hear reports of people on the pitch and difficulties. I raced home from the bus stop to watch the telly.

I got home, turned on the tele and started to see the most unimaginable scenes you could ever see. My heart dropped! As I listened the reports came through of people who had lost their lives. My heart sank further as that number kept growing.

An abiding memory was seeing King Kenny on the sidelines and the many fans helping those injured and worse.

My thoughts quickly turned to friends at the game hoping they would all come home safely.

It must have been about 6pm, to be honest I can’t remember the exact time, but I had been phoning many friends to see if there was any news. I finally spoke to a friend who advised that our school friend, someone who I had grown up with and spent alot of time in our early years at his house, had lost his life. Kevin Williams died aged 15.

The thoughts running through my mind were unimaginable. Our parents were close and my mum was desperately upset. She was also relieved (rightly or wrongly) that I didn’t get a ticket.

I got on my bike trying to find our friends. It was only 5 minutes when I found a group. Not much was said, of course there was tears, we just went to church and prayed.

The weeks that followed were a blur. A memorial was placed in school and we all went to Kevs funeral.

3 people from our village lost their lives that day.

21 years on and justice is yet to be done. It’s the very least all 96 deserve.

Kevins mum, like many others, is still fighting hard for justice and will not give in. We should all keep fighting until justice is done.

I still see Kevins mum every now and again, her grandaughter is best friends with my eldest. She, again like all those others, is a credit. There have been many lies told about that day, we all know what they are. The truth will out and all those involved should be brought to justice and held accountable.

In memory of 96 fans who went to watch a game of football and never came home.



A time for cool heads, focus and honesty

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1st April 2010, Benfica 2, Liverpool 1.

You’d have thought it was some kind of April Fool, but for the fact that it was, “Thursday (8pm) Night on Channel five”!

I went to @Truered’s to watch the match full of hope and expectancy. After all, this time next week hopefully we will have lasted longer in Europe than chelski, the scum and the arse. Unfortunately the night didn’t quite go as planned for several reason. Don’t get me wrong the result is turnroundable, (is that a word?), especially at anfield where I believe the atmosphere will, once again be truely remarkable; another great european night. In fact let’s show Benfica what atmosphere truely means without having to resort to using bombs to scare the players and officials!

The game started well with quite an early goal for the reds. A goal that Agger had been threatening to score, particularly against Sunderland. It was a well rehearsed move finished with a skillful and classy backheel. The night was looking promising!

After that though the cool heads and calmness IMO disappeared. Benfica started to take control of the game, creating many chances and at least 2 free headers, that’s when I knew it was gonna be tough. The crowd were behind them and they seemed to be opening up our midfield and wings with more ease than I was comfortable with, a few players seemed to go missing!

However with our players there is always a chance! With Torres anything can happen. That’s when he’s not getting kicked off the park! It was one such incident that changed the game. Holding the ball up on the left wing he clearly got taken out from behind, an obvious foul that deserved more than a yellow, or was it two yellows he got for one tackle?

The next 5 minutes were just a blur of confusion. I’m sure I saw a red card in there somewhere….yes their player is walking off…. Or is he? Who knew?

Turned out it was Babel. Once I realised, it was obvious why. Whilst not violent he should have known better than to put his hand in someones face. I thought at the time he was trying to get him to shut up, I was a little surprised that the official reason was to stop the other player getting in more trouble. Sorry don’t buy that! He was telling him to shut up but that was protecting Torres not helping that player not to get in more trouble. I’m not going to chastise him because the referee was the biggest talking point of this game but he does know better!

From there it was always going to be hard. Playing 60 mins away from home with 10 men will always be difficult. But low and behold Torres turns up with another great goal for number 2! Arrgh rubbish offside, a tight one but probably correct.

It was backs to the wall from there. If the team have lacked confidence over the season they certainly didn’t lack heart and fight for that hour in a cauldren of hate, (one or two did go missing mind)!

But this game wasn’t to be about the two teams, it wasn’t going to be about the managers. This game was going to revolve around the officials and over exuberant fans. The second leading the first to be intimidated and make a mokery of the game. Some (very few) decisions were right, some were wrong, most were downright awful! Having said that I can’t necessarily complaign about the two pens, had it been Liverpool I would have been expecting them, (expecting them and getting them is something different this season)!

I don’t want to focus too much on the refs as we know they didn’t have cool heads, they lacked focus and certainly didn’t show lfc any honesty.

The fans of Benfica were certainly behind their team, so much so that they almost got the game stopped. What they actually did was let their team down after a good performance as that will certainly be punished. Anfield will create a better atmosphere and certainly won’t let the team down as they did.

The game itself finished having seen a terrible refereeing performance once again (we’ve had too many of those this season haven’t we?), however we can feel comfort that we saw a fighting and battleing team. Yes ok it’s 2-1, but were still in this and WILL turn it around.

Games are running out and each will be crucial, now is the time for lfc to show cool heads, focus and refs to show honesty to our great club. It’s the least we deserve after all we’ve had to put up with this season!

My final thought on this blog…… Can anyone who reads this play on the left?

A Time for Frustration?

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You may ask what the heading is all about. You may wonder why I’m a little frustrated after such a great team performance.

Let me explain!

Today I thought we were fantastic against Sunderland. What really struck me about the performance was the confidence we played with! Given our season so far they [liverpool] could be excused if they were a little uncertain and cautious. However once again [my first frustration] Rafa allowed the team to play, with, not only the team choice, but also the formation. Yes, it’s disappointing for Aquilani, given his last performance, but Stevie was in an area he was comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong he is world class off Torres, but I don’t enjoy two holding midfielders behin. Personally I would have Mascherano and Aquilani behind them, (and that’s not a criticism of Lucas as he’s been good this season).

What really struck me about the performance today, and again it was fantastic (have I said that enough yet?), was the 1 touch passing. It was beautiful! We even had some backheelers in there! Yes, that’s a confidence issue but that was the REAL Liverpool we all know and love! And we do don’t we? We all love Liverpool with a passion! Yes we have different views but that’s why we love them and why football is great! The movement and passing today was just PERFECT!

Admittedly we could have scored more, admittedly Torres could have had 6! Admittedly it’s great when ol big nose and the legend are laughing because we missed a chances, but it was lovely football today! We didn’t worry who we were playing, we played the Liverpool way… ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!

That leads me to my second frustration! I know the players can do it (yes ok we need better players which involves what we don’t have! Money), we all know the players can do it, In all honesty, I truely believe Rafa knows they can do it, so why haven’t we done this all season. I acknowledge the injuries, and the fact that there’s not been many chances for Rafa to choose his best team, but for me, regardless of who is available, to give them the freedom and allow them to play and attack makes the difference and males all the off the field issues pallatable.

Anyway, we were great today, and bring on Benfica.

Away from the game I am also frustrated! We are the most successful club in the premiership (here’s hoping Chelsea or Arsenal win the league! And I hate saying that!) we are being ruined by the yanks! We have great support and Spirit of Shankly are doing their best with protests, posters and sit ins etc. But where’s the coverage? Non on sky! Despite the fact you could hear it in the background, there was no focus (unless I missed it?). The effort and hard work involved derserves more. We as fans deserve more! I guess that’s the anti Liverpool press for you!

Anyway, all round I am a happy Liverpool fan tonight, as, for the third time in four games I saw the true Liverpool, (it would have been 4 from 4 if a certain ref not got himself involved… And I believe that), creative, attacking, and confident football….I love it!

Here hoping Rafa continues this approach!

I hope I have explained and justified my frustrations?

Please comment as to whether to agree or disagree. This is my third blog and I would like your feedback.

I would also like you to leave you with one further statment…..

“Steve Bruce he’s got a beach ball for a head” LMFAO

A time for reflection!

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Did any of us truely believe we could win on Sunday? Can any of us answer that question honestly?

For me the answer is a resounding “yes” to both!

I did believe we could win and therefore that answers the second question! Yes ok it was 3 games in a week, but that never really entered my mind as a mitigating factor should we not win.

We had come off the back of two very good wins, ok the opposition may not have been strong, but the performances where good and we showed a creative and attacking flair we don’t often see under Rafa. I went into the game with confidence and hope. Hope that my Monday in work in Manchester would be filled with smiles and lots of “morning!!” to every Utd supporter I saw. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case.

I said our recent performances were against teams arguably not as strong. Consider this Park, Fletcher, Nani and Valencia. Are these world beaters? Discount where they play would you have any of them at LFC? For me Valencia is not that good (ok neithers Lucas but he’s demonstrating good improvement and needs to be stopped being used as the scapegoat for poor team performances).

However they stepped up against Liverpool, or should I say we allowed them to. Admittedly we had the best of the early part of the game and for me we looked comfortable and in control. That was until Mr Webb capitulated at Old Trafford. After that point we lost confidence again and returned to clinical controlled football which gave them more time and space on the ball IMO.

For me we need to be more creative! Pass and move its the Liverpool groove!! These are YOUR players Rafa (admittedly they may not have been had you had more money)! Allow them the freedom to express themselves. I know they can do it if allowed.

There’s not many games left now; 4th is looking a challenge; there’s still The Europa League. Let’s do it in style! Let’s see what Aquilani and Babel can do. Let’s see what Pacheco is made of. Remember this WE ARE LIVERPOOL AND YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!

Allow me to leave you with one final thought:

Gary Neville is a gobsh1te!

A time for memories!

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In my intro I suggested I would blog about Liverpool matches……….best intentions and all that!

“Some might say”! that I suggested we would win with a hard fought 2-0 win against Wigan……. Well in hindsight some may say I got it a “little” wrong!

However roll on a week……. I have to admit I’m not sure what happened, but someone seemed to release the shackles and I liked it! Was it rafa or the players (didn’t Lucas suggest he spoke to Gerrard)? Whatever happened that’s always going to be a dressing room discussion. Well until Rafa leaves through choice or otherwise or people who are given a massive chance to rescue their failing careers at “our” club only to piss on it from a great height, ala Riera, spout off in the papers!

Regardless there was a style of football I liked against Portsmouth. A style of football that had more control. A style of football that had more freedom. A style of football that took me to a time before Benitez, before Houliwho, before Evans and certainly before souness.

Liverpool against Portsmouth and to a lesser extent against Lille played with more freedom. A style moving in the direction I grew up with! A style that I like and a style that will drive the atmosphere in the Kop!

I just hope that if this change in style came from the man himself….. no not
God or Fowler (“some might say they are one and the same”) then it continues to Sunday. If it doesn’t and the advice is to hold the midfield and control the game clinically, then I hope the palyers DO get together and decide for themselves.

YES! that may be the beginning of the end for Rafa but if it comes to a choice between Rafa and exciting attacking football I know who I choose!

It’s time to make YOUR choice !