A time for memories!

In my intro I suggested I would blog about Liverpool matches……….best intentions and all that!

“Some might say”! that I suggested we would win with a hard fought 2-0 win against Wigan……. Well in hindsight some may say I got it a “little” wrong!

However roll on a week……. I have to admit I’m not sure what happened, but someone seemed to release the shackles and I liked it! Was it rafa or the players (didn’t Lucas suggest he spoke to Gerrard)? Whatever happened that’s always going to be a dressing room discussion. Well until Rafa leaves through choice or otherwise or people who are given a massive chance to rescue their failing careers at “our” club only to piss on it from a great height, ala Riera, spout off in the papers!

Regardless there was a style of football I liked against Portsmouth. A style of football that had more control. A style of football that had more freedom. A style of football that took me to a time before Benitez, before Houliwho, before Evans and certainly before souness.

Liverpool against Portsmouth and to a lesser extent against Lille played with more freedom. A style moving in the direction I grew up with! A style that I like and a style that will drive the atmosphere in the Kop!

I just hope that if this change in style came from the man himself….. no not
God or Fowler (“some might say they are one and the same”) then it continues to Sunday. If it doesn’t and the advice is to hold the midfield and control the game clinically, then I hope the palyers DO get together and decide for themselves.

YES! that may be the beginning of the end for Rafa but if it comes to a choice between Rafa and exciting attacking football I know who I choose!

It’s time to make YOUR choice !


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