A Time for Justice!!

In memory of Kevin Daniel Williams, aged 15.

I’ve been thinking hard about whether to put my thoughts and experiences down about April 15th 1989! Having decided to do so please see this as done so in memory of all those who lost their lives and those who still, to this date, are still suffering and fighting for justice.

April 15th 1989 will be a date etched in all Liverpool fans, players and anyone associated with the clubs memories. In fact a date etched in all football fans, not least those of Everton fans memories. It was a date this city demonstrated the true spirit of coming together.

1988/1989 aged 15, was the year that I really started going to the game alone. Never being from a footballing family, yes there were alligances, but not true followers.

Many a game I was stood on the Kop enjoying great football and fantastic atmospheres.

I tried hard to get a ticket for the match but was unable to do so.

I spent the morning of the match in Southport. Desperate not to miss the game I got the bus home with a mate. Listening to the radio whilst still on the bus we started to hear reports of people on the pitch and difficulties. I raced home from the bus stop to watch the telly.

I got home, turned on the tele and started to see the most unimaginable scenes you could ever see. My heart dropped! As I listened the reports came through of people who had lost their lives. My heart sank further as that number kept growing.

An abiding memory was seeing King Kenny on the sidelines and the many fans helping those injured and worse.

My thoughts quickly turned to friends at the game hoping they would all come home safely.

It must have been about 6pm, to be honest I can’t remember the exact time, but I had been phoning many friends to see if there was any news. I finally spoke to a friend who advised that our school friend, someone who I had grown up with and spent alot of time in our early years at his house, had lost his life. Kevin Williams died aged 15.

The thoughts running through my mind were unimaginable. Our parents were close and my mum was desperately upset. She was also relieved (rightly or wrongly) that I didn’t get a ticket.

I got on my bike trying to find our friends. It was only 5 minutes when I found a group. Not much was said, of course there was tears, we just went to church and prayed.

The weeks that followed were a blur. A memorial was placed in school and we all went to Kevs funeral.

3 people from our village lost their lives that day.

21 years on and justice is yet to be done. It’s the very least all 96 deserve.

Kevins mum, like many others, is still fighting hard for justice and will not give in. We should all keep fighting until justice is done.

I still see Kevins mum every now and again, her grandaughter is best friends with my eldest. She, again like all those others, is a credit. There have been many lies told about that day, we all know what they are. The truth will out and all those involved should be brought to justice and held accountable.

In memory of 96 fans who went to watch a game of football and never came home.




One Response to “A Time for Justice!!”

  1. Like so much of what I have read in recent days, I find it difficult to put my feelings into words. I was a kid watching on Television and it still haunts me to this day.

    The bravery of those there that day will never be forgotten, nor will be the dignity with which the families, club and supporters.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    You’ll Never Walk Alone – Justice for the 96.

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