A Time for Frustration?

You may ask what the heading is all about. You may wonder why I’m a little frustrated after such a great team performance.

Let me explain!

Today I thought we were fantastic against Sunderland. What really struck me about the performance was the confidence we played with! Given our season so far they [liverpool] could be excused if they were a little uncertain and cautious. However once again [my first frustration] Rafa allowed the team to play, with, not only the team choice, but also the formation. Yes, it’s disappointing for Aquilani, given his last performance, but Stevie was in an area he was comfortable with. Don’t get me wrong he is world class off Torres, but I don’t enjoy two holding midfielders behin. Personally I would have Mascherano and Aquilani behind them, (and that’s not a criticism of Lucas as he’s been good this season).

What really struck me about the performance today, and again it was fantastic (have I said that enough yet?), was the 1 touch passing. It was beautiful! We even had some backheelers in there! Yes, that’s a confidence issue but that was the REAL Liverpool we all know and love! And we do don’t we? We all love Liverpool with a passion! Yes we have different views but that’s why we love them and why football is great! The movement and passing today was just PERFECT!

Admittedly we could have scored more, admittedly Torres could have had 6! Admittedly it’s great when ol big nose and the legend are laughing because we missed a chances, but it was lovely football today! We didn’t worry who we were playing, we played the Liverpool way… ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK!

That leads me to my second frustration! I know the players can do it (yes ok we need better players which involves what we don’t have! Money), we all know the players can do it, In all honesty, I truely believe Rafa knows they can do it, so why haven’t we done this all season. I acknowledge the injuries, and the fact that there’s not been many chances for Rafa to choose his best team, but for me, regardless of who is available, to give them the freedom and allow them to play and attack makes the difference and males all the off the field issues pallatable.

Anyway, we were great today, and bring on Benfica.

Away from the game I am also frustrated! We are the most successful club in the premiership (here’s hoping Chelsea or Arsenal win the league! And I hate saying that!) we are being ruined by the yanks! We have great support and Spirit of Shankly are doing their best with protests, posters and sit ins etc. But where’s the coverage? Non on sky! Despite the fact you could hear it in the background, there was no focus (unless I missed it?). The effort and hard work involved derserves more. We as fans deserve more! I guess that’s the anti Liverpool press for you!

Anyway, all round I am a happy Liverpool fan tonight, as, for the third time in four games I saw the true Liverpool, (it would have been 4 from 4 if a certain ref not got himself involved… And I believe that), creative, attacking, and confident football….I love it!

Here hoping Rafa continues this approach!

I hope I have explained and justified my frustrations?

Please comment as to whether to agree or disagree. This is my third blog and I would like your feedback.

I would also like you to leave you with one further statment…..

“Steve Bruce he’s got a beach ball for a head” LMFAO


3 Responses to “A Time for Frustration?”

  1. kopitemichael Says:

    Agree wholeheartdly with all your views,thought i was reading something id written myself,never liked two holding,best form of defence is attack.shackles off and look at the performance.Hope Rafa continues with formation ,selection.must frustrate some players who know this suits the team more & their individual game.squad has a good base & with some serious investment in the summer i believe we will challenge,really enjoyed your blog i look forward to reading the next one,might even try one myself one day???

  2. I enjoy reading your blog and I agree with all your frustrations, I think that is what we’ve all been very frustrated about this season and no game we’ve played digged me like the game against wigan. #ynwa hope we continue to play well and win I’m confident of 4th place.

  3. Sky showed a brief shot of the spirit of shankly fans sitting in after the whistle while talking to god, but you’re right there is not enough coverage compared to what man utd get, and im pretty sure half them idiots don’t even know the history behind their poxy green and yellow scarves

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