A time for reflection!

Did any of us truely believe we could win on Sunday? Can any of us answer that question honestly?

For me the answer is a resounding “yes” to both!

I did believe we could win and therefore that answers the second question! Yes ok it was 3 games in a week, but that never really entered my mind as a mitigating factor should we not win.

We had come off the back of two very good wins, ok the opposition may not have been strong, but the performances where good and we showed a creative and attacking flair we don’t often see under Rafa. I went into the game with confidence and hope. Hope that my Monday in work in Manchester would be filled with smiles and lots of “morning!!” to every Utd supporter I saw. Unfortunately that wasn’t to be the case.

I said our recent performances were against teams arguably not as strong. Consider this Park, Fletcher, Nani and Valencia. Are these world beaters? Discount where they play would you have any of them at LFC? For me Valencia is not that good (ok neithers Lucas but he’s demonstrating good improvement and needs to be stopped being used as the scapegoat for poor team performances).

However they stepped up against Liverpool, or should I say we allowed them to. Admittedly we had the best of the early part of the game and for me we looked comfortable and in control. That was until Mr Webb capitulated at Old Trafford. After that point we lost confidence again and returned to clinical controlled football which gave them more time and space on the ball IMO.

For me we need to be more creative! Pass and move its the Liverpool groove!! These are YOUR players Rafa (admittedly they may not have been had you had more money)! Allow them the freedom to express themselves. I know they can do it if allowed.

There’s not many games left now; 4th is looking a challenge; there’s still The Europa League. Let’s do it in style! Let’s see what Aquilani and Babel can do. Let’s see what Pacheco is made of. Remember this WE ARE LIVERPOOL AND YOULL NEVER WALK ALONE!!

Allow me to leave you with one final thought:

Gary Neville is a gobsh1te!


One Response to “A time for reflection!”

  1. Hit that nail on the there sir. My answer is yes and yes. We always step up our game against manUre. We should really have gone all out in the first half seen as we started so well. They didn’t play all that great. We could have scored at least a couple in the 2nd half, we had the chances.

    P.S. gary neville is a knobhead

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